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Hiragana: Lesson 21 - 'な' [na]

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Kaoko: Hello once again, everyone! I hope you are all are in the best of healths and are in high spirits for today’s lesson. Uh... we have a guest fr today’s lesson... well, you know... she is quite, ehem... famous... her head... is, wanted... for over... 16,000,000... umm...

Nami: ...I didn’t come here to be targetted... where’s the money?
Kaoko: Ehh! But we haven’t started yet! And you didn’t do anything!
Nami: Sheesh... so, what would you like me to do *rude tone*?
Kaoko: It was a mistake I chose you for today... Posted Image
Nami: Seriously, why did you call a pirate over to be a help guy to some ridiculous lesson?
Kaoko: ...Meanie! You can go home now for all I care. I won’t give you anything because you didn’t help.
Nami: Eeehhh! After all the way. ごめん, ごめん! ほんとうに ごめなさい (sorry, sorry! I am really sorry)! What would you like me to do, Kaoko-oneesama~

Kaoko: Huh (変わった)? Ah, well... you see, we are having hiragana ‘な’. And want a brief explanation.
Nami: (I didn’t know that it was just this) Very well, な, in hiragana, or ナ in katakana, is one of the Japanese kana, which each represent one mora. The hiragana is made in four strokes, while the katakana in two. Both represent [na]. な and ナ originate from 奈.
Kaoko: Next is, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind when I tell you to have a word beginning with the character ‘な’.
Nami: Well of course, that would be my name, ‘Nami’. My name refers to the meaning of wave 波/なみ.
Kaoko: Heehh.. Your name suits you to be in the sea.
Nami: Having said so, I have another word.
Kaoko: What is it?
Nami: 涙/なみだ, meaning ‘tear’. I use to cry a lot when I was a kid...
Kaoko: Thanks for your company today. That’s enough talking for now... now, let us move on!
Nami: Well, I’ll have to be going then. Where’s the reward *money eyes*?
Kaoko: You will have to wait till the end of the lesson.
Nami: ...

'な' is romanized 'na' and pronounced ‘na’ as in ‘nap’.

Words with 'な':
'な' at the beginning:

  • 仲間/かま (nakama -> companion; fellow; comrade; mate; partner)
  • 長い/がい (nagai -> long; lenghty)
  • 波/み (nami -> wave)
  • 何/に (nani -> interrogative pronoun; what)
  • ぜ (naze -> interrogative pronoun; why)
  • 泣く/く (naku -> crying)
  • 涙/みだ (namida -> tears)
  • 名前/まえ(namae -> name)

'な' in the middle:
  • 花火/はび (hanabi -> fireworks)
  • た (anata -> you; formal speech for addressing someone, but common speech for women)
  • 話す/はす (hanasu -> talking; speaking)
  • 悲しみ/かしみ (kanashimi -> sadness; sorrow)
  • 同じ/おじ (onaji -> the same; identical; similar)
  • うなぎ (unagi -> eel)
  • ~ない (~nai) -> used for negating verb or adjective
    We can just simply add ~ない at the end of verb/adjective:
    • 食べない/たべない (tabe~nai -> not eating)
    • 読まない/よまない (yoma~nai -> not reading)
    • 泣かない/なかない (naka~nai -> not crying)

'な' at the end:
  • 魚/さか (sakana -> fish)
  • 花/は (hana -> flower)
  • 粉/こ (kona -> powder)
  • 女/おん (onna -> woman)
  • 刀/かた (katana - sword)
  • 雛/ひ (hina -> chick; young bird)
  • ‘な’ also used as a suffix at the end of interrogative sentence:
    かな?(ka na?) -> “I wonder...” ('Ka na' implies having mostly made up one's mind)
    • テナは 大丈夫かなあ/Tena wa daijoubu ka naa (I wonder if Tena is alright.)
    • ケンニは がんばってくれかなあ/Kenny wa ganbatte kure ka naa. (I wonder if Kenny is doing his best.)
    • ケンニは どこかなあ/Kenny wa doko ka naa. (I wonder where's Kenny)

Stroke order:

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Task: You shall write 'な' 50 - 100 times in your textbook. Memorize the shape, the stroke order, the sound, the pronunciation (echo the sound of the character each time you write it down), etc.

*behind the scene*
Nami: You finished, I was holding my patient the whole time. So if you don’t mind...
Kaoko: Well of course, here!

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鳴門/なると (naruto)

Nami: What’s this?!
Kaoko: Because of today’s lesson ‘な’, your reward will also have to be something that begins with ‘な’. Ah, and I also made this for you~ ;-)

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*Smokes coming out from Nami’s body, flames were showing on her eyes, her stick she was holding was beginning to melt from the heat*

Kaoko: Na-Nami-san...?
Nami: That’s it! You are gonna pay, you cheeky bitch!
Kaoko: Eh, wha- what? What's wrong? Nami-san? *runs away in fear*
Nami: まって (wait)! くそおんな (you damn woman)!

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Mmmm~ this is delicious...

Credits: Thanks to Tna-chan who helped with me with the examples~ :D

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