Monday, 10 January 2011

Hiragana: Lesson 43 - ‘ろ’ [ro]

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‘ろ’ is romanized ‘ro’ and pronounced ‘ro’ as in ‘rock’.

Words with ‘ろ’:
‘ ろ’ at the beginning:

  • 6/く (roku -> (num) six))
  • 6月/くがつ (rokugatsu -> June)
  • ろう引き/うびき (roubiki -> waxing)
  • ろう者/うしゃ (rousha -> deaf person)
  • ろくろ師/くろし (rokuroshi -> turner; thrower)
  • 路上/じょう (rojou -> (on the) road; (on the) way)
  • 露国/こく (rokoku -> Russia)

‘ ろ’ in the middle:
  • 野郎/やう (yarou -> rascal)

‘ ろ’ at the end:
  • 色/い (iro -> colour; color; complexion; appearance; look; love; lust; sensuality; love affair; lover; kind; type; variety)
  • だろ (daro -> seems; I think; I guess; I wonder; I hope; don't you agree?; I thought you'd say that!)
  • お風呂/おふろ (ofuro -> bath)
  • 白/しろ (shiro -> white)
  • 黒/くろ (kuro -> black; dark)
  • 後ろ/うしろ (ushiro -> back; behind; rear)

Stroke order:
The hiragana ‘ろ’ looks a lot like number ‘3’. So it'll be easy to memorize~

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Task: You shall write ‘ろ’ 50 - 100 times in your textbook. Memorize the shape, the stroke order, the sound, the pronunciation (echo the sound of the character each time you write it down), etc.
And after you are finished with that, write ‘ら’, ‘る’, ‘り’, ‘れ’, and ‘ろ’ one after each repetitively ( etc.) 50 times (100 if you have time).


早乙女 浪漫 /Saotome Roman

With this, we had finished the 'ra' group. We will now be moving to the 3 'extra' characters!

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