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Hiragana: Lesson 23 - ‘ぬ’ [nu]

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‘ぬ’ is romanized 'nu' and pronounced ‘noo’ as in ‘noon’ .

Words with ‘ぬ’:
Word beginning with ‘ぬ’:

  • 盗む / すむ (nusumu -> to steal; rob; thieve)
  • 温もり / くもり (nukumori -> warmth; ardor; passion) 
  • 脱ぐ / ぐ (nugu -> to take off (clothing, shoes, etc))
  • 抜け出る / けでる (nukederu -> to steal out)
  • 縫う / う (nuu -> sew)
  • 縫い針 / いばり (nuibari -> needle; sewing needle)
  • 抜け道 / けみち (nukemichi -> loophole)

’ぬ’in the middle:
  • 息抜き / いきき (ikinuki -> relaxation; taking a breather)
  • 買主 / かいし (kainushi -> buyer; purchaser)
  • 生え抜き / はえき (haenuki -> a career)
  • 地主 / じし ( jinushi -> landlord; agrarian)
  • 株主 / かぶし (kabunushi -> stockholders)
  • 勝ち抜き / かちき (kachinuki -> tournament)

’ぬ’at the end:
  • 犬 / い (inu -> dog)
  • 死ぬ / し (shinu -> to die)
  • 人知れ / ひとしれ (hitoshirenu -> inward; secret; unseen; hidden)
  • 要ら / いら (iranu -> needless; unnecessary)
  • 絹 / き (kinu -> silk)

Stroke order:

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Task: You shall write ‘ぬ’50 - 100 times in your textbook. Remember, memorize the shape, the stroke order, the sound, the pronunciation (echo the sound of the character each time you write it down), etc.
And after you finish with that, write ‘な’, ‘に’, and ‘ぬ’ one after each repetitively (な, に, ぬ, etc.) 50 times (100 if you have time).


Character of today’s lesson~ And jokes for today~

Kaoko: Thank you for attending today’s lesson, everyone! Ja, see you in the next Hiraga-


Kaoko: Ah, i-is anyone here?


Kaoko: Hello?


Kaoko: Kyaaaaaaaaaa~~!!

Kochira eeeeeeeee (right heeeeeeere)

Kaoko: KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!! Bakemono (monster) Posted Image!!

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Nube: Oi, I am not a monster! I am... NU-BE. Nube.

Kaoko: Aho Posted Image!

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Nube: Kawaaaaaaaaiii!!

Kaoko: Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Hentai (pervert) Posted Image!

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Nube: I am not a pervert, girlie Posted Image~

Tna: Kaoko-chan, how about Inuyasha Posted Image? XD

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Kaoko: ...


Thanks to Tna again who helped me a lot with the examples Posted Image!

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