Monday, 3 January 2011

Hiragana: Lesson 9 - 'け' [ke] & 'げ' [ge]

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け, in hiragana, or ケ in katakana, is one of the Japanese kana, each of which represents one mora. Both represent [ke]. The shape of these kana come from the kanji 計 and 介, respectively.

'け' is romanized 'ke'.

Word beginning with 'け':
  • 結婚/っこん (kekkon -> marriage)
  • 刑事/いじ (keiji -> (police) detective)
  • 警部/いぶ (keibu -> inspector)
  • けち臭い/ちくさい (kechikusai -> mean; stingy [adj.])

Stroke order:
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Same with the previous 'k's lessons, a dakuten may be added to this character; this changes it to 'げ' [ge] in hiragana. け + " = げ (look below)

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'げ' is romanized 'ge'.

Word with 'げ':
  • 元気/げんき (genki -> spirit; health - ex. o-genki desu ka? Literally meaning: Are you healthy? -> but usually translated to -> How are you? ^^)

Task: You shall write 'け' & 'げ' 50 - 100 times in your textbook. If you want, like with the previous lessons, write 'け' 70 times and 'げ' 30 times . Memorize the shape, the stroke order, the sound, the pronunciation (echo the sound of the character each time you write it down), etc. And after do that, write 'か', 'き', 'く', and 'け', one after the other repetitively (か, き, く, け, か, き, く, け, etc.) 50 times (100 if you have time).

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