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Hiragana: Lesson 3 - 'う' [u]

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う in hiragana or ウ in katakana (romanised u) is one of the Japanese kana, each of which represents one mora. In the modern Japanese system of alphabetical order, they occupy the third place in the modern Gojūon (五十音) system of collating kana. In the Iroha, they occupied the 24th position, between む and ゐ. In the Gojūon chart (ordered by columns, from right to left), う lies in the first column (あ行, "column A") and the third row (う段, "row U").

'う' is pronounced 'oo' as in 'moon'.

Word Beginning with 'う':
  • 上/え (ue -> on; over; above; top; older)
  • 嘘/そ (uso -> lie)
  • 美しい/つくしい (utsukushii -> beautiful)
  • 海/み (umi -> sea)

Strokes order:
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File:Hiragana う stroke order animation.gif

The hiragana う is written in two strokes:
  • At the top of the character, a short diagonal crook: proceeding diagonally downwards from the left, then reversing direction and ending at the lower left.
  • A broad curving stroke: beginning at the left, rising slightly, then curving back and ending at the left.

Task: Same as the previous lessons, you shall write 'う' at least 50 - 100 times in your textbook. Now following the same method; after you do that, write 'あ', 'い', 'う' each after each (あ, い, う, あ, い, う, あ, い, う, etc.) 100 times.

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