Sunday, 2 January 2011

Hiragana: Lesson 4 - 'え' [e]

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'え' is pronounced 'eh' as in 'net, set, bet, etc'

Word Beginning with 'え':
  • 円 = ん (en -> yen (Japanese money))
  • いごく (engoku -> United Kingdom)
  • 駅 = き (eki -> station)
  • 演劇 = んげき (engeki -> drama, play)

Strokes order:
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File:Hiragana え stroke order animation.gif

The hiragana え is made with two strokes:
  • At the top, a short diagonal stroke proceeding downward and to the right.
  • At the bottom, a stroke composed of a horizontal line, a diagonal proceeding downward and to the left, and a rightward stroke resembling a tilde (~).
Task: Same as the previous lessons, you shall write 'え' at least 50 - 100 times in your textbook (again). Now following the same method; after you do that, write 'あ', 'い', 'う', 'え' each after each (あ, い, う, え, あ, い, う, え, あ, い, う, え, etc.) 100 times (sorry if I'm killing you right now! But this how it should be if you want to stick it in your brain :D !).

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