Monday, 3 January 2011

Hiragana: Lesson 6 - 'か' [ka] & 'が' [ga]

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'か' is romanized 'ka'.

Word beginning with 'か':
  • ぎ (kagi -> key)
  • 買う/う (kau -> to buy)
  • 傘/さ (kasa -> umbrella)
  • れ (kare -> he)
  • 風/ぜ (kaze -> wind)

Stroke order:
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File:Hiragana か stroke order animation.gif

The Hiragana か is made with three strokes:
  • A horizontal line which turns and ends in a hook facing left.
  • A curved vertical line that cuts through the first line.
  • A small curved line on the right.

The Japanese character 'ka か (and the other 4)' can easily be modified/change to 'ga/i/u/e/o' by adding two small little curve at the top on the right (look below).

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Word with 'が':
  • ひらな (Hiragana -> Japanese characters: hiragana~)
  • き (gaki = brat; kid)
  • 'が' is also used for particle indicating a subject. Ex. adding soon.. (we will be introducing the Japanese particles in the future, hopefully. After we finish with the characters~)

Task: You shall write 'か' at least 50 - 100 times in your textbook. If you want, you can also separate them, like write 'か' 80 times and 'が' 20 times. Will be going to the next character in a short time.

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