Sunday, 2 January 2011

Review of Lesson 1 - 5

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Konnichi wa minna! I hope you are all doing fine and doing good in your Japanese study.
Now that we've learnt the first five Japanese characters which are: あ, い, う, え, and お (and also vowels), we are now going to review them.

Now, if you still have problems with them, I recommend you write them again 20 times each (exercise in your textbook). Memorize the order of the strokes, the sound of it (pronunciation), their shape, etc. Easy!

Did you know that with those characters from which you have learnt, that now you already could read some Japanese words?

Here're some Japanese words having only those 5 characters... tell us if you could read them ^^:
  • 青い/あおい (blue)
  • 王/おう (king)
  • 家/いえ (house)
  • いいえ (no)
  • いい (good; fine)
  • おい (hey -> I guess you all have heard of 'oi, oi,' in animes a lot (Conan usually says them))

So? Have you mastered the 5 Japanese vowels? Shall we move on to next lesson ^^? 

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