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Hiragana: Lesson 5 - 'お' [o]

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In Japanese writing, the kana お (hiragana) and オ (katakana) occupy the fifth place, between え and か, in the modern Gojūon (五十音) system of collating kana. In the Iroha, they occupy the 27th, between の and く.

'お' is pronounced 'oh'.

Word Beginning with 'お':
  • 女/んな (onna -> woman)
  • 男/とこ (otoko -> man)
  • いしい (oishii -> delicious)
  • れ (ore -> me (casual))
  • まえ (omae -> you (informal))

Strokes order:
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File:Hiragana お stroke order animation.gif

The hiragana お is made with three strokes:
  • A horizontal line from left to right.
  • A stroke consisting of a vertical line, a small diagonal line going upwards and to the left, and an open curve heading right and downwards.
  • A small curved stroke on the right.

Task: Don't mistake between 'お' and 'あ'... it can easily be mistook for how they are shaped.
Same as the previous lessons, you shall write 'お' for at least 50 - 100 times in your textbook (again). Now following the same method; after you do that, write 'あ', 'い', 'う', 'え' and 'お' each after each (あ, い, う, え, お, あ, い, う, え, お, あ, い, う, え, お etc.) 100 times. Echo the sound of the characters in your mind each time time you write/repeat it down.

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